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Chestnut Hill Estate Sales


Estate Liquidation

The best way to maximize the financial value of most property found in a home is to sell it in an on-site Estate Sale. An Estate Sale is the most direct way to market personal property to the end-user. Our service is all inclusive.

  • FREE initial consultation
  • Organize, research, and price all items
  • Promote estate sales by mailings, e-mail and classified ads
  • Conduct all sales with compassion, respect and confidentiality
  • Provide efficient, quick and reliable service
  • Secure and manage Estate Sales by a trained staff
  • Market to an extensive network of buyers who follow our sales
  • Remove all property post sale
  • Leave premises in broom clean condition

Appraisal Services

A full compliment of professional appraisal services are offered and provide our clients with an accurate, impartial, and informed value of each items true market value.

Consignment Services

Consignment services are available for full estate liquidations or to sell particular items either before or after an estate sale.

Auction Services

Auctions are for personal property which benefits from the competitive heat only an auction bidding process can generate. Auctions are a great option for single high value items, special collections, or personal property located where estate sales are not possible.

Chestnut Hill Estate Sales provides the expertise, understanding, and the strengths of a variety of auction companies in order to generate the greatest value through matching your property to the most appropriate auction house. Your valuables will be inventoried, packed and transported to the proper auction house. Chestnut Hill Estate Sales receives discounted rates from many auction houses allowing us to provide an integrated liquidation service to you which is thorough and reliable.

Estate Buyouts

The task of organizing personal property to maximize its value can seem overwhelming and time consuming. A buyout occurs when a dealer purchases everything in an estate for a wholesale price. If the personal property is located in a storage facility, co-op, condominium or apartment house where estate sales are not permitted a buyout is a viable option.

A buyout should be considered when immediate cash is needed or when the value of the items to be sold is determined to be so marginal that taking the time required to pursue maximizing its value with other options is not cost effective. Chestnut Hill Estate Sales comprehensive Buyout Service will purchase the personal property which needs to be liquidated and leave the premises broom clean.

Gold and Silver Buyouts

Evaluating the value of your gold and silver holdings whether it be in coin, jewelry, flatware or serving utensils and dishes can be a daunting task and requires either sending your valuables to an unknown address or visiting several different buyers to obtain maximum value for each item. Chestnut Hill Estate Sales will verify the authenticity of your valuables and offer to purchase gold or silver at an equal or higher price attainable elsewhere from other gold and silver buyers without all the hassle.

Internet Auctions

Internet Auction Services uses eBay and other internet venues to directly market certain categories of collectibles: costume jewelry, figurines, memorabilia, pottery, art, glass and thousands of other categories.

Great success has been achieved in getting maximum dollars for items that may seem ordinary to some, but are highly sought after treasures by avid collectors.

Through on-line marketing, access to collectors that were at one time isolated is achieved. The internet is an excellent way of contacting various associations and private collectors to make them aware of available merchandise that is unique to their special interests.

Senior Relocation

Experienced and sensitive senior relocation services offered. Chestnut Hill Estate Sales compassionately helps elderly residents transition from their home into another residence or care facility. Chestnut Hill Estate Sales works closely with conservators, family members, and senior referral services to plan the move; sort, pack and ship belongings; arrange shipments of personal property and furniture. Chestnut Hill Estate Sales provides turnkey services for your new residence making the move stress and worry free. In short, Chestnut Hill Estate Sales will do whatever is necessary to satisfy the needs of our clients, with grace and sensitivity to issues of age, family members, and their memories.